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Friend you are funny too, Paya Terubong Majestic Height abandoned project since 1995 which is 22 years ago? do you know between this 22 years how many time government has change the rules and reduce the risk of abandoned project? Please Google seek for for further understanding.
IJM owning a whole piece of land developing a township of course is an awesomeness, but Pearl Ocean are capable to pay 100% cash for a small piece of land to developed 3 project in Sungai Nibong don’t you feel great also? Water Residence 750k-950k (1050sqft) estimate RM720 per sqft Novus Residences 650k-750k (1155sqft) estimate RM560 per sqft. Estimate price different of 30% per sqft you say similar?
No chargers of cancellation before signing SPA and fully refund of 5k deposit, buyers are not buying groceries in wet market, mature and smart enough to make decision. why need to cancel after sign SPA? Funny
One last thing can tell you is more than 7 project coming up in this area. Novus is a landmark of Sungai Nibong as you can see how successful is Bayswater as a 1st landmark behind E-Gate before Vertiq, Platino, Pearl Regency coming up. There is no regret for such attractive project coming up in 1 or 2 years or maybe more, no ending unless u kept waiting for a your own choice.

ane mau nyoba ini dulu gan, ane kapok pake IDM gara2 ke block mulu padahal udah di patch apalagi kalo firefox update versi malah tambah ribet -_- , tapi sesudah IDM ane pake eagleget yg sebenarnya sudah sangat powerfull untuk sekelas freeware fitur2nya cuma sayang makin kesini bug nya kayak ga direspon sama produsennya, bug tersebut adalah sering not responding tanpa sebab yg jelas dan kedua ini yg parah download ukuran gajah pasti rata rata stuck di 90% tau2 0 bytes/s dan berhenti -_- padahal bisa resume di resume ga mau2 liat di lognya sering not responding kasus ini sering terjadi ketika mendownload video online -_- bikin esmosi…. download pilem 1 GB pas udah hampir 1GB langsung 0 bytes/s dan gagal. -_- Semoga FDM ini fiturnya juga sama dengan eagleget yg penting bisa sniffer video onlen… sori min sambil curcol wkwkwkwkwkkwkwkw :v :v

Dynasty Restaurant’s Signature Peking Duck is meticulously marinated with a combination of spices and Chinese herbs, then roasted in a traditional charcoal-fired roasting oven. The roasting process takes about an hour, infusing a smoky aroma while keeping its skin crispy and the meat succulent. Every Signature Peking Duck ordered is hand-carved at the dining table and the crispy skin is served with homemade pancake, scallion, cucumber, carrot and plum sauce. The meat is taken back to kitchen and cooked according to the diner’s choice of preparation.

Smart master one utama

smart master one utama


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