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I have waited for this product for so long and at some point actually thought they aint getting it at all but thankfully got to try it and gotta say its just as good as I expected it to be
Ive been trying to lose weight for some time now and its been nothing but a struggle. Ive got some health issues and after gave up smoking it just got out of hand :( put on loads, tried pretty much every product from here and a few other pharmacies and they all seem great but effects are temporary. Me being a coeliac its all down to diet as well and as soon as I get any carbs in my system seems I blow up in the matter of minutes.. the temptation for junk and simply stuff that I should not have gets overwhelming sometimes hence why I wanted to try this so badly and omg its awesome - its like all of it is gone. Im not hungry anymore if I do eat - my portions simultaneously cut in half and no longer crave crap that was so hard to resist before. Its so much easier to say no to things and they are not even tempting anymore. I am really looking forward to finishing the course of this and seeing my results. So far I could not be more pleased its just soooooo gooooood!! thank you so much for finally getting it. The only downfall is the price - its very dear but at the same time worth every penny.. id give 6 stars if I could and have to say to everyone out there - you must must try this if you have the same issues as me! thanks to rxcart and a massive one to Jessie for recommending it xxx

Proviron and Anavar definitely don't aromatize much so just having Adex on hand was the idea. Anavar is often faked too and that could be another reason to have Adex on hand (in case some higher aromatizing compound is substituted). I have not used either of these compounds so it would be interesting to hear from someone that has more knowledge here regarding required PCT for example. I would assume 4 weeks of Nolva at w1: 40mg/d w2: 40mg/d w3: 20mg/d w4: 20mg/d - maybe even only 20mg/d on the first two weeks since this is indeed a very short and light cycle of easily tolerated compounds.

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Proviron notice

proviron notice


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