Provident hospital

Provident Hospital began as a 10-bed clinic in a private residence at 419 Orchard St, in northwest Baltimore, Maryland in 1894 to provide both medical treatment and training for Black nurses and doctors. The hospital was founded by Negro physicians who were practicing in the Baltimore area just a year after the founding of the first Black-owned and operated hospital, Provident Hospital of Chicago . Within two years it moved to a larger site at 413 W. Biddle Street. [1] Provident Hospital was one of the first black medical facilities located in Baltimore.

Provident Hospital , [2] the first African-American owned and operated hospital in America, [3] was established in Chicago in 1891 by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams , an African American surgeon during the time in American history where few public or private medical facilities were open to black Americans. It was founded to provide health care and medical training. Its initial officers were president John M. Brown, vice president Richard Mason Hancock , treasurer John T. Jenifer, secretary Louis H. Reynolds, and auditor Lloyd D. Wheeler [4] Though the historic Provident Hospital was forced to close in 1987 due to financial difficulties, it reopened in 1993 as part of Cook County 's Bureau of Health Services [5] to provide services to residents of Chicago's south side. It is now known as Provident Hospital of Cook County. [6] Alton Abraham , the social entrepreneur associated with Sun Ra worked here.

How to choose a medical scheme?
This is by far the most important question of all Choosing a medical scheme for the first time can be overwhelming. The best advice, look at your specific needs and talk to an objective independent healthcare consultant (broker) to assist you in choosing the right scheme and product option. Once covered by a medical scheme, make sure to evaluate your situation regularly, to adapt to your needs. The following 3 points is the most important before making a decision:

  • Your medical history;
  • Your first choice regarding medical care; and
  • What you can afford.
Different Options?
Choosing between different options within a specific medical scheme will depend on your needs. Most schemes offer a full comprehensive options (hospital costs and out-of-hospital benefits) or just a basic hospital plan (cover only in hospital procedures).

Provident hospital

provident hospital


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