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Okay. I stand corrected and apologize for my statements. I would have liked to see more detail as to the carefull positioning to take the photos and the process you went through from the initial photos to adjusting and cropping to get just the right alignment. This would have given everyone an idea about how to replicate your work. Had you shown the original photos and these steps, I would have never doubted the validity of your claims Again, I stand corrected. And let me praise the quality of photos you acheved with that "very old" camera!

If you plan to go to surf – the North Swell usually starts around October until March (although beware as well, because this time is also notorious as being the jellyfish season and a lot of surfers get stung); while the South Swell arrives around late May to June until August. To catch better waves, check out the Philippine weather forecast by Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration – and for seasoned surfers, best time to ride the waves is when there are typhoons around the area. For other sites in La Union, it is best enjoyed during the dry season.

Environmentally friendly, the Astralpool RTX Robotic Cleaner cleans and scrubs almost any size and shape residential pool. Utilising the latest pool mapping and positioning technology (Gyro) and combined with the unique aquasmart software, the Astralpool RTX robot cleans the average size swimming pool in as little as hours and costs as little as 8 cents to run. With a fully programmable power supply you can select the cleaning cycle best needed, set the delay function to allow the unit to come on only when cleaning is required and with a built in sensor the unit can even tell you when the Debris Canisters need emptying. Supplied with a Caddy to allow for easy movement and storage, the RTX Robotic Cleaner covers all bases.

Pro viron

pro viron


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