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They are both anionic detergents, but there is a chemical structure difference between the two. I’m not sure you are asking about the chemistry. (This is a goon topic for a short article). In both groups there are specific members that are more irritating or allergenic than others. Olefin sulfonate was found to be more irritating and allergenic than some of the common sulfate based detergents. Even among the sulfate-based detergents, some are less irritating. For example, the ammonium salt of lauryl sulfate, is better than the sodium salt.

I thought I knew “what I needed to know” about the candlesticks and I knew the names ie Bullish Engulfing, Doji, Morning Star, Bearish Engulfing etc., But your course on Candlesticks truly explains the mentality and gives you the insight that helps in making those more profitable decisions in trading, whether it be day trading, swing or investing. It has helped me a great deal in my trading!! In your class, you give so much more information that helps make “putting it all together” easier. I have watched it several times, and every time I view it, I pick up something different…

Mastey traite

mastey traite


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