Mast pants

Selden Dinghy Mast, Boom, and Spreader Parts: Selden masts, boom and spreader parts are standard on many high performance dinghies and cruising sailboats alike. Here you will find Selden Mast End Fittings, Selden Heel Adaptor, Selden Sheaves, Selden Halyard Locks, Selden Mast Sheaves, and Selden Exit Boxes. For boom replacement parts we have Selden Boom fittings and Selden Gooseneck Brackets. For spreaders and replacement parts we have Selden Pin Spreader System, Selden Thumbscrew Spreader System, Selden Ultimate Spreader System, Selden Spreader Bracket System and Proctor Spreader Assembly.

Give each child a bucket with a camera like the Polaroid I-Zone or the OneStep Express and a list of things to find. Include items that can be placed in the bucket, like sea glass, shells, and stones. But for a twist, add some things the kids can't take with them  -- a red beach umbrella or two girls in blue bathing suits. The scavengers use the camera to take pictures of these items to complete the list. The first one to collect all the elements and arrive back at home base (your beach blanket!) wins. Have the older kids "buddy up" with younger ones; little players should have parents accompany them on their search.

Mast pants

mast pants


mast pantsmast pantsmast pantsmast pantsmast pants