Mast e recipe

I’m still confused with stinging nettles on your Histamine Foods list. It is on the High histamine foods under the category of fresh vegetables. I do not see it anywhere in the dry teas section. However in the comments you are referring to fresh stinging nettles as a antihistamine and the dried nettles as a higher histamine, right?? I tried fresh nettles last week. I made a strong tea as an herbalist friend instructed, and when I drank one cup, I immediately got a headache. So I’m not sure what to make of that. Reading through the comments, it sounds like there is some controversy about nettles in general.

Dear Karen, as a Persian I must say the platter looks ammmmazing and I totally understand your love for it. Sangak is absolutely the best bread ever. I can marry it :)))))
another thing you’ll love is Kahoo-Sekanjebin! Kahoo is lettuce and Sekanjebin is a syrup made of sugar, vinegar and mint boiled in water. we get a piece of lettuce and put a part of it in Sekanjebin and then eat. it’s a tradition for the 13th day of spring (it was yesterday) when we all go to parks and rivers and jungles. (I’s called Sizdah-Be-Dar day)
another use of Sekanjebin is in a cool drink for summers. we pour it in cold water and add grated Khiar (cucumber) to it.
You said you loved jeweled rice. I highly recommend you to try Baghali-Polo with Lamb, Lubia-Polo and Tah-Chin too! Also you must try Gilaki Foods from north of Iran like Mirza-Ghasemi and Aloo-Mosamma and Also Foods from South of Iran like Mahi-Shekam-Por which is a fish cooked with greens and spices in oven.
you know what? you gotta come to Iran!

Mast e recipe

mast e recipe


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