Lean cycle time vs process time

Frederick Winslow Taylor , the father of scientific management , introduced what are now called standardization and best practice deployment. In Principles of Scientific Management , (1911), Taylor said: "And whenever a workman proposes an improvement, it should be the policy of the management to make a careful analysis of the new method, and if necessary conduct a series of experiments to determine accurately the relative merit of the new suggestion and of the old standard. And whenever the new method is found to be markedly superior to the old, it should be adopted as the standard for the whole establishment."

Ries and others created an annual technology conference called Startup Lessons Learned which has subsequently changed its name to the Lean Startup Conference. [32] Lean startup meetups in cities around the world have garnered 20,000 regular participants. [6] The first lean startup meetup named Lean Startup Circle was created by Rich Collins on June 26, 2009 [33] hosting speaking events, workshops, and roundtable discussions. As of 2012, there are lean startup meetups in over 100 cities and 17 countries as well as an online discussion forum with over 5500 members. [34] Third-party organizers have led lean startup meetups in San Francisco , Chicago , Boston , Austin , Beijing , Dublin , and Rio de Janeiro , among others—many of which are personally attended by Ries—with the Chicago and New York City Lean Startup Meetups attracting over 4,000 members each. [35] The Lean Startup Machine created a new spin on the lean startup meetups by having attendees start a new company in three days. [36] As of 2012, the Lean Startup Machine claimed to have created over 600 new startups this way. [37]

Sure, there is much more that could be said, but we hope this brief overview gives you a good sense of what to expect going forward. Don’t let anyone sell you a “step by step package” to getting Lean, unless they have conducted a thorough assessment of your company, and can tell you the How, What, Where, When, & Why behind their proposal. Though many of the Lean Tools can be generally applied, Lean is not a one-size fits all program and must be adjusted to your specific and unique needs.
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Lean cycle time vs process time

lean cycle time vs process time


lean cycle time vs process timelean cycle time vs process timelean cycle time vs process timelean cycle time vs process timelean cycle time vs process time