Futbol total

Barcelona, Spain. 18 year old Ethan Riddell from Fayston , Vermont (.) and former Black Watch Premier ´s player arrived in Barcelona in August to take part in the  Pro  IFX Year Spain program  - A soccer total immersion program that enables players to live with a host family, attend a language school and play with a competitive Spanish soccer club. Since Ethan moved to Barcelona , he underwent a series of  football tryouts with several youth Barcelona football clubs. With the support of IFX Soccer's Spain office and during his trial period,  CFA Espluguenc  made an offer to the youth player to play for its U19s for the 2017-18 season.

The truth is that it was not a design that presented the league, but the contact they had through that company to which they rejected a proposal they made to another club, and given this proposal accepted by the Tauro FC, happen to Have a new image that offers opportunities in terms of marketing, because as Gutiérrez responded, this important redesign will also help the marketing plans ahead, not only with the new shirt, or with the caps shown in that Final won, but also with clothes for women, divers, among other items and more. [1]

Futbol total

futbol total


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