Dynabolt stainless steel

Trubolt and Trubolt+ wedge anchors are your answer for all applications ranging from everyday solutions to the most technically approved situations. Trubolt is the wedge anchor of choice when installing into masonry and concrete when you do not need to have an ICC approval rating. Trubolt+ is the solution that gives you all the ICC required approval ratings for all applications and substrates. The body of all of our wedge anchors are proudly made in the USA solving design needs for our customers. New to the line is the 1/4” Trubolt+, the industry’s ONLY 1/4” wedge anchor with ICC approvals for use in seismic, cracked, and un-cracked concrete while also delivering the best performance in steel strength in tension.

Again, I took a chance on the 240Z part number, but it was quite different (even though the twin piston calipers and rear drums are the same as 240Z). It turned out that the master cylinder is shared not with the 240Z, but the Fairlady 2000 Roadster of the same era. One of those wasn’t available new, so the brake specialist is boring out the old mastercyl and rebuilding it. So far I’m discovering that a lot of parts are definitely shared with 240Z, but lots aren’t. So getting maintenance parts will probably be a bit of trial and error from now on…it’s a good thing the guys at my local parts store are patient…

Dynabolt stainless steel

dynabolt stainless steel


dynabolt stainless steeldynabolt stainless steeldynabolt stainless steeldynabolt stainless steeldynabolt stainless steel