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The Philippines, hosting one of Asia's earliest film industries, remains undisputed in terms of the highest level of theater admission in Southeast Asia. Even if a dramatic decline is observable, movie producers and cinema owners are continuously hopeful that people will patronize locally produced films through offering the audience more artistic and mature films, and significant improvements in cinematic techniques. Throughout the history of the film industry in the Philippines, several filmmakers have already produced projects which tackled Philippine political, sexual, social and religious matters which are considered sensitive and controversial. Some of which are taboo subjects, including soft porn films, but are widely acknowledged by film audiences. Philippine cinema is not only known for its top-rating films and high-caliber actors and actresses, it’s also known for talents with well-sculptured bodies and pretty faces who ventured into sexy movies. These sexy stars, formerly called, Philippine bold star, are the stuff of men’s dreams and the object of women’s envy. Some of these sexy stars became quite popular in the country, with various projects being released in a year. Piracy might have caused the producers to minimize productions of soft porn films, yet the fame of these physically gifted actresses is always in the memory of the movie-goers. Below are some of the most recognizable names and faces of Philippine bold star in the adult movie industry. Philippine adult movies are soft porn or sexy movies which have become a phenomenon in the Philippines.

By early 1969, Ross' future departure was widely rumored, and that November Motown issued the official press release. Speculation as to who would replace her focused on Syreeta Wright, but Gordy gave the spot to Jean Terrell, boxer Ernie Terrell's sister, to whom he'd signed to a solo contract earlier. The year ended with "Someday We'll Be Together" (#1 pop and R&B), a record that featured only one Supreme, Ross. In January 1970 Ross made her farewell appearance at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. The event was documented on the live album Farewell. Though Ross went on as a hugely successful solo act [see her entry] her initial efforts were bested on the charts by the so-called "new" Supremes' first releases. Terrell was a stronger, earthier singer, and 1970 brought two Frank Wilson-produced hits: "Up the Ladder to the Roof" (#10 pop, #5 R&B) and "Stoned Love" (#7 pop, #1 R&B). Along with the Four Tops, this new lineup recorded three albums and hit with a powerful version of "River Deep—Mountain High" (#14 pop, #7 R&B, 1970). The progressive psychedelic blues "Nathan Jones" (#16 pop, #5 R&B) was considered their best effort of 1972.

Diana bold movie

diana bold movie


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