Devil zodiac signs

First associated erroneously with Satanism in the 1960's, the Goat of Mendes, Mendes Pentacle, or Sabbatic Goat symbol was inaccurately attributed to the 19th century occultist, Elipas Levi. The Goat of Mendes symbol is often confused with Levi's depiction of the Templar icon Baphomet , which was never presented as a symbol of evil, but of harmony, redemption, and union with the divine. Nevertheless, the two are confused so often it is almost impossible to separate them. The name Goat of Mendes comes from a connection Levi made between the Templar Baphomet, the Goat of the witch's Sabbat (as depicted in popular art), and the Egyptian god Ammon of Mendes, Egypt, which Levi believed had been an emblem of fertility and sexual freedom. Later, it was determined that Levi's connection was wrong—Ammon was represented by a ram, not a goat—but the confusion remains to this day.

I would like ask you a question Janell Hihi – I have been educating myself on tactics used by Narcissists for a few years now because after almost 20 years of marriage my ex narc decides to rid himself of me. He is a Virgo and I am a CAPRICORN (which according to your article “We” are the #1 zodiac that are prone to be Narcissists). I have also read the above comments and your replies to them and learned something I found interesting…..You stated you were married to a Cap and he is a Narc – I’m wondering if the fact that we Caps have the #1 spot according to your article has anything to do with your ex narc being a Capricorn? When I scrolled down to see the #1 and saw “Capricorn”, I was SHOCKED and a bit upset because I am the furthest thing from a Narc…..Please check out my Facebook under the name Sue Vaughn & if you private message me I will temp add you on my friends list so you can see everything that I share and post. I am an Empath (for the most part), I do lack one major quality of a true empath which is I cannot tell if a person is lying or deceiving me (and that’s why I married a man that was a narc). I was truly offended by your choice of number one zodiac prone to be Narcs….. 😦

Devil zodiac signs

devil zodiac signs


devil zodiac signsdevil zodiac signsdevil zodiac signsdevil zodiac signsdevil zodiac signs