Bol u zelucu par dana

The sixth studio album Dum dum ( Bang Bang ), released in 1991, featured the Plejboj member Dušan Petrović and session musician Bata Božanić as bass players, Tanja Jovićević on backing vocals, Zvonimir Đukić on guitar and Mitar Subotić on keyboards and machines. The album, produced by Theodore Yanni, featured the prominent songs "Zabranjujem" ("I Forbid"), "Idemo" ("Let's Go"), "Dum dum" ("Bang Bang") and "Bledo" ("Pale"), inspired by the outbreak of the Yugoslav Wars and the general political and economical situation in the country. The following year, Mladenović participated in the antiwar project Rimtutituki , also featuring Električni Orgazam and Partibrejkers members, releasing the single "Slušaj 'vamo" ("Listen Up").

Major current interests of the Center are: antiplatelet therapy, including the development of novel antiplatelet agents; development of novel platelet-related therapies for sickle cell disease; development of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived platelets for transfusion into patients; treatment of wounds with autologous platelet gels; the role of platelet function in the bleeding associated with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP); the role of platelet function in the bleeding associated with hemophilia; and various platelet substudies as part of large randomized controlled trials.

Bol u zelucu par dana

bol u zelucu par dana


bol u zelucu par danabol u zelucu par dana